name: olivia| birthdate: feb 18 1998 | nationality: american

Hey there!

My name is Olivia― I am an Astrophysics and Molecular Biology student in the wonderfully wild state of Colorado, who started blogging because her Summer internship required it. This blog will be a conglomeration of what I have learned working in my college’s ITS department, as well as my collective thoughts on the world; from my often incoherent musings about life in general, politics, music, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

But if this is for an internship, why are you blogging about other stuff?

Well, because internships end, people change and I’d like a place where I can see my recorded growth.  I’m a notorious unbeliever in social media; I’m an avid avoider of things like Facebook, yet I still like to interact with people. And I like to document my day to day life; yet cannot keep up with journaling for the life of me. So I figured that I should blog instead. But despite my interest in blogging, I didn’t have the courage to post anything before. So I figured if I had to post about my work-related findings, why not just go ahead and post about the things that I had wanted to?

And thus, “Iscariotte” was born, a blog that functioned as my online diary of sorts. I cannot guarantee that this place will be updated frequently or even kept up with at all, but it’s something that I can look back on in the future and for me, that’s reason enough.