25 before 25

Turning twenty was strange. It wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting, and when I looked back on my life I realized how boring it was. But boring can be inspiring. It was eye-opening in those first few introspective months of how little I’ve actually done and it made me think very deeply about what I want to achieve and in what time frame. So I’ve come up with a list of things that I want to do before I’m twenty-five!

  1.  Get started on my half sleeve
    • If we’re being completely honest, I really want to have a sleeve. But, most of my professional goals aren’t very “tattoo-friendly” and I’d rather get my foot in the door for my future career and then get all crazy tatted. Plus, it gives me more time for planning things out.
  2. Have a signature style
    • I feel like it’s really adult to have a signature scent and specific style that looks like “you”.
  3. Do more stuff alone
    • One thing that I find really negative about our current days is that doing things without others is viewed as a bad thing. Some of my friends cannot go out without each other, because if they do something alone, they’ll look “sad”, “pitiable”, “pathetic”. For me, being alone is pretty refreshing but I haven’t given myself the opportunity to really do stuff alone. And that’s something I’m going to change.
  4. Travel Internationally
    • Currently, I’ve been to Germany, France and the Netherlands. (With the later two countries being very brief day visits from my year-long stay as an exchange student in Germany.) By the time I’m twenty five, I’m hoping that I’ll have visited places like the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, etc. I really want to expand my worldview and see something way more than just the USA! And make friends!
  5. Have a decent amount in my saving’s account
    • By the time I’m twenty seven, I want to be able to start looking at houses to settle down at. Which means, I’m going to need to start saving even now while I’m still in college.
  6. Read more!
    • Whether it be more news articles or books, reading is becoming increasingly important to me!
  7. Have a great American road trip
    • A week, maybe two, on the open road. From coast to coast, with no planned iternary and no expectations. (Canada and Mexico included!)
  8. Launch a Video Blog
    • Whether it be on vimeo or youtube, I really want to start exploring to art of filmmaking! Especially in the art of documentary filmmaking, where I’d get to learn more about a topic and spread awareness.
  9. Finish more artwork
  10. Learn how to rollerskate!
  11. Donate Regularly
  12. Volunteer Regularly
  13. Have an indoor garden!
    • I have really bad respiratory issues… so bad, thaT and tend to need spaces that. And having a mini garden would definitely improve a lot!
  14. Take more photos!
    • Whether it be learning how to take a really good selfie, or
  15. Exercise Regularly
  16. Become a musician
    1. Originally, this goal was to learn how to play guitar. But I’ve dabbled with piano playing and voice lessons, and learning how to incorporate….
  17. Learn to surf
  18. Learn scuba diving
  19. Run Regularly
  20. Take flight lessons
    • If you know me offline, you’d know that I really want to become an astronaut. And to become one of those, you need to be a really well-rounded individual (and have something like 10,000 logged flight hours). While getting my pilot’s license by 25 would be awesome, I’d rather start small and…
  21. Minimalize
    • One thing that has really fascinated me over the years is minimalism.
  22. Own a vehicle!
  23. Lived in two different countries!
  24. Learn to swim
  25. Have two completely filled journals
    • Journalling has always fascinated me. Finding the chance to just write about my day, any whimsical thought I had and look back at it to see how much I’ve either changed or stayed them same seems so interesting. And having at least two filled, well-loved, well-worn journals would be a good commeroration of that.



Maybe, I’ll start a mini-series following up with if I’m keeping up with these goals or not!

Do you guys have any bucket-list like things? And if so, what are they?

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