Iscariotte 2.0

So. Let’s talk about Iscariotte


As you might have noticed, this blog gets updated… sporadically. But as a fully fledged no-longer-teenager, I’m ready to start making lasting commitments. And this space is one of those commitments.

But before I commit to this space, I have something to confess. When I started this blog, I was happy with the direction of my writing. It was off topic, sometimes bouncing from college advice to my struggles with an eating disorder or to music reviews. And that started out as very fun. But the more I wrote about and engaged with WP’s blogging community and watched other people blog, I noticed that I felt more stressed to have a streamlined idea behind my blog. (The whole idea behind writing a blog–for me–was having a platform where I don’t have worry about writing something that’s off-topic. ) Yet, I find myself wanting some sense of structure. So in the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing more of one certain type of blog post or series that I’ve brainstormed, and hopefully, you’ll like it!

And while I won’t start adhering to a schedule, mainly because I know myself and know that I’m always busier than expected and I don’t want to disappoint anyone,  I can promise that I will try to get a couple pieces a month to you. And, even though I have noted that I won’t be promising to post on a set schedule, I will try to post on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturdays. This way, I have a few days to look over a post and decide whether it should be posted or not.

But back to rebranding, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about creative interdisciplinarity. I am going to try to be more conscious of the intersection of pictures and words when I’m editing posts. But after taking a summer class that’s taught me the basics of filmmaking, I’m going to be adding video into the mix this coming year!

However, I’d love to get more documentary-inspired posts to you about people, art, and books that have inspired me. As well as start focusing on my journal-nostalgic-like posts that I’ve been writing and scrapping for the past year. I’ve tried to recenter myself and my creative direction for a while now. Whether it be from dreaming this entire thing up way back in the overclouded months of December, or during one of my walks home from university through dimly lit streets, listening to Jazz compositions, to sketching out the designs for an Iscariotte post on the balcony of the library. This is what I’ve come up with.

So for a tl;dr & a sweeping declaration, this blog will be getting back on track as of next week. I’ll be launching a new blog series where I post a little tidbit of information about myself, document my various experiences within the creative realm, and will hopefully be launching a side blog for a portfolio soon! But overall, thank you for sticking around and dealing with my general unorganized ness! I’m hoping that within the coming weeks, Iscariotte will be something more than just a place for my scattered thoughts.

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