25 before 25

Turning twenty was strange. It wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting. It was


But, it was eye-opening in those first few introspective months of how little I’ve actually done. So I’ve come up with a list of things that I wnat to do before I’m twnety-five!

  1. Have a signature scent
    • I just think it sounds so mature? And I like the thought of someone smelling a certain scent & thinking of me.
  2. Live in an Airbnb in England for a month
    • Or if anyone wants to lend me their couch, I’m down for that too.
  3. Put more time into decorating
    • I feel like it’s definitely a work-in-progress type thing & I just wanna get better at making my space look really pretty & cohesive.
  4. Travel more
    • Just in general, idk, more long weekend trips & what-not.
  5. Get better at cooking
    • I’m learning lol, but in 3 years I’d like to be more confident in the kitchen.
  6. Read more books
    • I’ve been reading the same 5 books for so long now, gotta get better at making time to read (& actually finish) books.
  7. Have a signature scent & style
  8. Launch a Youtube/Vimeo Channel

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