Why We Gravitate Towards People Who “Suck”

You might have read my older post ____________, and this is sort of a short follow up of that!

I have always had a habit of riveting between friend groups. I’ve never wanted to be defined by one characteristic, one group, one moniker. And as such, I’ve come to meet quite a few individuals. And while a lot of them have been people of value; who I couldn’t imagine not ever living without, I have tended to befriend quite a few people who, for lack of better word, “suck”. 


Whether it be in dating; taking a chance on the charming misanthrope or general friendship, I have started to take note of people’s flaws more and come to the conclusions that we all suck, even if just a little bit, but i don’t understand why we give a pass to those individuals and don’t hold them to higher standards.


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