Colorado| Sophomore Year, Semester I: A Synopsis


I cannot help but feel like the world is ending. It rains, snow, and warms up all in the same day. Friends in New York tell me I’m privileged; I get to wear cut offs and bask in the rays of a fickle sun while they get snowed in. But how I miss the blanket that overtakes the streets and freezes; isolating and insulating.



Untenanted air;

The horn sounds off and leaves it there

And we rush, a procession

to unprecedented green

And like all daft animals,

Slip off to dreams


Of blood,

                                  Of glory,

                                                                      Oh, gore.


The air brrs my feelings,

The pain no more

I get into Rugby and it’s a frigid two months. We stop playing in 4th block and I can’t wait for the game to return.



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