re-evaluating resolutions & making new ones


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At the beginning of 2017, I had one simple resolution: Get fit. I also had the joke resolution to not die from an ungodly amount of stress in college. And for the most part, I’ve held up on my end of the self-bargain; I lost a lot of excess weight and developed a good amount of muscle mass, and generally started eating healthier. While also not dying from stress in college, despite coming close to it on several occasions.

But 2017 was a year that came swiftly and luckily left quicker than expected. It was a year of disappointments, hilarity, and missteps in the lives of everyday civilians and big-name celebrities. And as a whole, it was a year that left me just as frustrated & fascinated as it ever. While I hope 2018 has a lot of differences than 2017, I’ve decided not to leave anything to chance and make some resolutions that should guide me throughout the year. But these new resolutions don’t come without retrospection. As 2018 rolls in, I have decided to remake some resolutions, revise others and drop some altogether.

Earliest Resolution Remembered


  • Lose weight (which didn’t happen & caused much angst for 12-13 year old me)
  • Get better at drawing (success!)


  • Get better at drawing (like resolutions prior, this was a success!)

2012-2015 (Resolutions not made)


  • Start a blog (which didn’t happen).
  • Finish my exchange year in Germany off strong (which did happen, mostly!)


  • The sole resolution of this year was to lose weight and get healthier. Which, I mostly achieved.

Bigger 2018 Resolutions

  1. Work on a jealousy. 2017 showed me that I still have a long way to go with my issues with jealousy and not competing against others (whether they know that I’m trying to compete with them or not). I doubt that in one year I’ll eradicate all my issues with jealousy, but I’m hoping that 2018 lets me become comfortable enough with myself where it doesn’t consume me.
  2. Health & Fitness. Make it a goal to hit the gym at least once a month, keep up with rugby, maintain the level of fitness that you’ve worked so hard to achieve last year and push yourself to work out harder. But don’t ever allow Orthorexia or any other eating disorder to consume you. The goal is being the healthiest version of you that you can be; not the skinniest, not the prettiest, but the healthiest.
  3. Live in the now. Take more pictures on your bad days and good days. Take breaks often. Spend more time with friends and family. I’m hoping that I force myself to realize that my twenties will only be my twenties once and that I need to spend an equal amount of time advancing myself in my future career as well as maintaining a balanced social life.
  4. Write. Set aside time to finally write that EP, to finish the multitude of short stories and novellas in your brain, the ramblings of blog posts stuck in mind. 2018 should be your year of being unafraid of releasing content.
    1. Note to self: You don’t have to write every day, but every day that you do write you should write well.
  5. Go boldly into your second semester of sophomore year and wildly into your junior year and summer classes.
  6. Just believe in yourself.


Smaller 2018 Resolutions

  1. Get one of the many tattoos that you’ve been pining over for years. Have it be discrete and have it be subtle, but get it.


What about you guys, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Or are you of the variety that thinks they’re little hopes that we come up with and don’t follow through o


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