The Sounds of 2017 (i)

My Spotify has never seen a better year.

In 2017, I listened to 25,151 minutes of music. Those beautiful minutes were spread between 9 genres of music, 1,366 different songs and 544 different artists. I’m not one for music exploriation; something that Spotify felt free calling me out on.

But this year was one for exploration. I had fallen for some of the artists on this list at a younger age for some reasons, and have fallen for them again at 19 for complete different ones. And I’m glad that I ventured out of my comfort zone a bit!

While a large part of this list was birthed in the infamous year of scandal (2017), we do have some throwbacks to years prior.

Melodrama| Lorde

Whatever was wrapped up in Lorde’s melodic Melodrama, it kept me entrenched. The entire album was a mixture of autheniticy and masterful artisty. I found myself angsting through the album whenever anything went array or lauughing, falling down drunk to the sweet dulcet tones of her voice. Melodrama was a review and Social critique of Lorde’s slightly younger years and on the society that washed away her rose tinted glasses for jaded ones.


I am a toy/ that people enjoy/ ’til all of the tricks don’t work anymore/ then they are bored of me

This year, I had a ton of insecurities bubble up within me to the point of renewed anxiety. Struggling to find a place in the world, I played a multitude of roles that left me feeling used or high and set and really, it was my fault. While I might have related to Liability more than any 19 year odl should have, the song left me feeling acknowledged and hopeful. Hopeful that I might not be what I thought I was and that I could be more ham the bubbling role of he drunken and desperate college student. Liability ended up being one of my few “outlet” songs this year, but it’s also propelled me and inspired me to keep working on self-improvement.


Other Lorde Stand-outs for me were…

Homemade Dynamite

Don’t know you super well/ but you might be the same as me/ behave abnormally


Perfect Places

What the fuck are perfect places/ anyways?


Two songs, that critiqued our modern society and its constant reach for something that doesn’t exist; perfection.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom | Halsey

Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom came at a time were I was knee-deep in romantic emotions. This was the year were I tackled retrograde jealousy, overwhelming infatuation and all the other emotions associated with having your first real adult relationship. It was also the year that I first read Romeo & Juliet and truly fell in love with a Shakespearean play, and given that HFK is inspired b the tragedy, I fell deeper in love with the album.

Aviation & Les Cactus | The Last Shadow Puppets

I love the Arctic Monkeys. So finding out that Alex Turner was in another band was one of my highlights of the year! Aviation is a sound that seduces you with its gritty guitar strumming and general coolness, while Les Cactus left me bouncing up and down like any teenager dancing in a 90s film.

Piledriver Waltz, My Propeller, & more | Alex Turner

Again, this was just a year of me appreciating Alex Turner way more. Because honestly, he’s amazing and such a babe.

Pink + White & Biking | Frank Ocean

Words cannot express how much I love Frank Ocean nor these two songs from him in particular. All I can say is that the mastery o both lyrics, raw emotion, vocal and rhythmic delivery and more were perfect on both songs, and I cannot wait for what Frank serves us next.

Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 | Calvin Harris

Honestly, I never thought I would love an entire album by Calvin Harris but this one was filled with music that was fun; some of the songs contained emotionally poignant lyrics laid out over sick sounds & others were all about just  enjoying your youth, or coming to terms with heartbreak and betrayal or just being a stick in a mud yourself. It’s definitely an album that could have been used to define the fascinating year that 2017 has turned out to be.

Lover is a Day | Cuoco

Returning back to the year of feeling too many romantic emotions, Lover is a Day captured the honeymoon, infatuation and sometimes self-depreciatory doubts we feel in relationships. It’s sounds like a late 80s, early 90s tune that describes a lost love that meant so much to the singer and it captures the emotions rather well through the rambling, tangential lyrics. It does not present love as neat and wrapped up nicely in a bow, but rather, spiraling and an abyss that we happily throw ourselves into.

Deluca| Ruby Express

The above for Lover is a Day is likewise true for Deluca. It captured a ton of the emotions that I felt during my relationship this year and couldn’t put into words. It’s melodic and sweet and just what every honeymoon phase feels like.

Noteworthy Mentions

Sway | Rosemary Clooney

Chez Chez La Femme | Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band

Tous Les Memes| Stromae

Traum | Cro

You Belong to Me| Courtnee Draper

Words Ain’t Enough | Tessa Violet ft. Dodie

Brief Encounters | Franz Ferdinand

DAMN. | Kendrick Lamar

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